Mormonia: Stories Book Trailer


Diesel Books, Oakland, 6/15/12


Book Passage, SF, 6/5/12


Bookshop West Portal, 5/22/12


Orinda Books, 5/5/12


The Book Zoo, 5/4/12


University Press Books Reading, 4/19/12


Hero Reading, Sacred Grounds, SF 4/17/12


Modern Times Bookstore Reading, 4/12/12


Phoenix Books Bookstore Reading 3/15/12


Word World 2012 Reading 3/30/12


Ouroboros 2012 Reading 3/29/12


Brevity 2012 Reading


MFA Portfolio Highlight Reel


Sunday is for Sinners


Unkle Hooper’s Arkade


The Baby Screams


Visions of Peace for Japan


Going Home